Genuine Dell TH344 PowerEdge 800, 840, 830 Server, PowerValut PV840, PV100, DP100 Systems 420W Power Supply PSU, Compatible Part Numbers: T3269, T9449, WH113, GD278, JF717 Model Numbers: NPS-420AB E, NPS-420AB A

  • $30.99

Brand: Dell
Part Number: GD278
MPN: CN-0GD278, 0GD278
Model: NPS-420AB E
Type: Power Supply Unit PSU
AC Input: 100-240V - 6.7-3.3A, 50-60Hz
Max. Output Power: 420W
Compatible Product Line: PowerEdge
Compatible Model: Dell PowerEdge 840 800 830
Condition: Manufacturer Refurbished

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  • **Guaranteed Dell Genuine**
  • Part Number: GD278
  • Model: NPS-420AB E
  • Compatible Model: Dell PowerEdge 840 800 830
  • **Ship within 24 hours except for holidays and weekends**