Genuine Dell 230w Power Supply PSU for Dimension 3100, E310 and Optiplex 210L, 320, 330, 360 and GX520 Systems MC633, PC357, N8372, NC905, P8407, R8042, L230N-00, PS5231-2DS-1F, HP-P2307F3 LF, NPS-230DBA, NPS-230DB-1A, PS-5231-2DFS-L

  • $15.99

Power Supply Features:

  • Genuine Dell 305W Power Supply Unit
  • 100-127V or 200-240V Input
  • Max Output: 305W
  • Compatible Systems (Not Limited To):
    • Dell OptiPlex: 210L, GX280, GX320, GX520, GX620
    • Dimension: 3100, E310, 5000, 5100, 5150, E510, 5150, E520, E521
  • Compatible Part Numbers: W8185, M8802, M8805, M8806, X8129, C9962, CC947, UF345, YH542, MC164, W4828, C5201, K8956, N8372, PC357, MC633, MC633, PC357, NC905, R8042, P8407, R8402
  • Compatible Model Numbers: L305N-00, PS-6311-2D2, N305P-00, NPS-305CB B, L305P-00, PS-6311-2DF2, H305P-00, HP-P3067F3P, NPS-305DB B, N305N-00, HP-P3067F3, NPS-305EB B, N305P-03, N305P-04, NPS-305EB C, CX305N-00, CSC305-5000N, NPS-305FB B, N305N-03, PS-5231-2DFS-LF, L230P-00, L230N-00, PS5231-2DS, HP-P2307F3 LF, H230N-00, NPS-230DB S, N230P-00, NPS-230DB A, NPS-230DB-1 A

Power Supply Connectors:

  • P1 - 24-pin ATX Motherboard Power
  • P2 - 4-pin P4 motherboard power
  • P3 - 4-pin SATA standard power connector
  • P5 - 4-pin SATA standard power connector
  • P7 - 4-pin floppy connector
  • P8 - 4-pin Molex Power Connector
  • P9 - 4-pin Molex Power Connector