Genuine YUASA NPW45-12 12V 45W/Cell 9Ah F2 Connectors UPS Rechargeable Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) Battery

  • $29.99

The Yuasa NPW45-12 Industrial VRLA Battery is a fantastic genuine option for various 12 Volt appliances that utilize this type of battery, with Faston 2 (F2) connectors, connecting to most at-home products, such as scooters, security systems, and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), this battery will satisfy many needs! Specifications : Nominal voltage (V) 12 10m rate Constant Power (Typ) to 9.6V at 20°C (W/Block) 10m rate Constant Power (Typ) to 1.6V/cell at 20°C (W/Cell) 20-hr rate Capacity to 10.5V at 20°C (Ah) 8.5 10-hr rate Capacity to 10.8V at 20°C (Ah) 7.42 Dimensions Length (cm) 15.1 (±1) Width (cm) 6.5 (±1) Height (cm) 9.4 (±1) Height over terminals (cm) 9.75 (±2) Mass (kg) 2.7 Terminal Type - FASTON 2 (F2) Operating Temperature Range Storage (in fully charged condition) -15°C to +40°C Charge -0°C to +40°C Discharge -15°C to +50°C Yuasa design life at 20°C (yrs) up to 5

  • Genuine YUASA NPW45-12 12V 45W/Cell Non-Spillable Valve Regulated Lead Acid UPS Rechargeable Battery
  • Quantity: 1 | Specifications: Valve Regulated, Lead Acid, Rechargeable Battery, Non- Spillable, Does NOT include wiring.
  • Brand: YUASA, 45W/Cell, Capacity: 9.0ah, 20-hr rate Capacity to 1.75VPC at 20.C: 8.5Ah, 10-hr rate Capacity to 1.75VPC at 20.C: 7.42Ah
  • Voltage: 12, Date of Batteries: 2013, Dimensions: 9.75 cm x 15.11 x 6.5 (L x H x W)
  • Model Number: NPW45-12, Dell Part Number: R464R, GHMPG |Terminal: Faston 2