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What’s the secret? How can we do this? Well if you managed to muster enough brain power to have found this blog there is no doubt in my mind that you can physically take apart a computer without too much trouble.

The real money saver is in the labor but much can be saved from buying the right parts. For every company (Dell, HP, Sony, etc) that produces any given product there is always a percent that is defective in the manufacturer’s eyes. If the product is not in pristine condition, it is not leaving the factory as new. As you can imagine this leaves a large supply of perfectly functioning but cosmetically damaged products. Third party companies will buy these parts and resell them at a significantly lower cost, such companies as Red Planet Trading.

I will break down all of the typical conditions using Red Planet as an example.

  • New Pull – These items have been pulled from new products that were not cosmetically good enough to be sold as new. For example, a brand new Optiplex 760 was the showroom model at some computer store. Once a newer model is released the old is sold as a whole or parted out. The bottom line is that if you buy a New Pull computer component it has never been used in a running system and as just as good as brand new, although since it was installed it may have some markings. If you are looking for a new item with a discount and do not mind a few signs of installation, this is the route to go!
  • Used – These are used items that have been taken from used computers. An example would be a new company went out of business and needs to recoup their losses so they sell their computers. Red Planet Trading buys those computers tests the parts and resells them with a guarantee they will function. These items are always tested to guarantee 100% functionality but are not the prettiest items in the bin. If you need a cheap fix, this is the best option for you.
  • Manufacturer Refurbished – This is not a brand-new item and so there may be cosmetic imperfections such as evidence of storage, handling, or testing. These items have been tested and fixed by the original manufacturer, it’s a good bet they will work like new. These items are almost always sold at deep discounts to clear inventory.
  • Seller Refurbished – Seller Refurbished items are used items that have been professionally repaired or restored to 100% functionality by Red Planet Trading. These items undergo testing to ensure that they are completely functional. They are almost always offered with an extended warranty for no additional charge.

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